Training Format

Our regular training consists of two core elements:

We also provide training for Cross Country in the winter as well as ad-hoc training covering core muscles and general fitness.

Track Training

Victoria Park Track

Track training consists of running extra fast in bursts, with short recovery breaks (intervals), this is a recognised way of combatting latic acid is a great way to improve your speed and overall fitness.

Hard-working muscles produce lactic acid. If you're running at a comfortable pace, your body has plenty of time to flush it away. But as you start to work harder and harder, there comes a point when your body can't do that quickly enough. The lactic acid starts to build up, leaving you with burning muscles and a desire to stop.

This point is called your lactate threshold, and interval training is all about encouraging your body to do all it can to offset this point, and to cope mentally when it does come – so you can run faster for longer. Your body responds to interval training by growing extra capillaries to transport more oxygen to your muscles, strengthening your heart to pump it round, and developing the capability to buffer more lactic acid.

Track training is usually at Victoria Park running track.

The Muster Run

The muster run is a longer, more continuous run that builds up endurance.

Endurance not only enhances your performance while working out, but also contributes to your overall health, providing you with energy, improved heart function and increased metabolism.

We recognise that not everybody runs at the same speed hence 'mustering'. This is where at certain points in the run (for example every mile) the front runners will run back to the last person and hence the whole group re-groups.

Muster runs usually start from Broomfield School.

Cross Country Training

Cross Country Training Cross country running is very different to road running in that you are running on uneven surfaces over twisty courses. We provide cross country in the winter and find it a good way of developing muscle power and speed.

Sunday Social run

There is also a social run on Sundays which is organised though our Facebook page.