April 2022: Training Update

We still use a booking system for those who want to join a training session on Tuesday or Thursday. To join in you have to book a place through the Run Together website.

For the latest information please use the club Facebook page and you can share your experiences in the Strava groups. There is also often a Sunday run organised through Facebook.

Why Train

Running is natural for us but due to our sedatory lifestyle, we can only cope with small burst of it at a time, this means that if we want to run medium distances or above ( > 5km) it is prudent to formally train to allow bones, tendons, muscles and brains to adapt to the stresses of regular running.

We all run for different reasons, whether it's to lose weight, keep passably fit or, in some cases, to enter and maybe even win races. Whatever the motivation the benefits of training with a club are:

Running can also aid weight control but any when backed by a sensible diet.

Our regular training consists of two core elements:

These are described in the Training Format page.

We also provide training for Cross Country in the winter as well as ad-hoc training covering core muscles and general fitness.