Manchester Marathon

2nd April 2017

We had a good turnout at the Manchester Marathon on a pleasant Sunday (but a bit too warm). There were PBs for Will, Kevin, John, Simon, Miranda, Linda and April set a new club record for her age category - well done to all that competed.

Manchester Marathon
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
922Michael McbrideM401668743:14:2366.54Silver
1099Will MageeM25510353:18:0663.09BronzePB
1320Xavier SolerM29812293:22:0960.89BronzeDebut
1506Kevin GillibrandM509113953:25:2867.36SilverPB
1707John WalshM4030815673:28:3062.55BronzePB
2170Andrew GerrardM5014519613:35:4964.69BronzeDebut
2423April WilkinsonF1022503:39:2462.01BronzePB and Club Record
3611Lynda BridgeF401075273:53:5161.56BronzeDebut
3869Simon StockmanM4546932713:56:2057.55CopperPB
4406Ben SuttonM74736424:02:5951.2
4676Miranda NeweyF2978564:07:3454.71CopperPB
4836Linda StathamF451079124:10:1058.09CopperPB
6105Catherine WakefieldF553613704:30:1162.45BronzeDebut
6816Jenny SmithF4032116884:44:2550.18Debut
6817Lisa McKennaF61116894:44:2647.61Debut

10th April 2016

There was a massive turnout for the Manchester Marathon on a chilly but sunny morning. Andrew and April both set new club records for their age groups, and there were 6 PBs and 8 debuts at this challenging distance.

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
351Michael McbrideM40683432:59:3871.41SilverDebut
406Andrew DaltonM45453963:00:2974.09GoldPB and Club Record
685Perry MooreM401236633:09:3767.65SilverDebut
1134Luke PottsM23710783:19:5062.26BronzePB
2455Ben SuttonM45321953:39:5656.35CopperPB
2478Jim HaddockM4044222123:40:0959.24CopperDebut
3034Will CharlesM88126393:46:5154.21CopperPB
3037April WilkinsonF2483973:46:5259.84BronzeDebut and Club Record
3160John WalshM4053227373:48:2356.17CopperDebut
3622Roger KnightM4546830923:53:4456.26CopperDebut
3863Martin BerryM4063332693:56:0653.92CopperPB
3912Denise GrehanF353746133:56:2957.88CopperPB
4537Simon StockmanM4555637364:02:4855.54CopperDebut
4604Mhairri GassF354968234:03:4856.15CopperDebut
4975Dave AshcroftM5032940064:09:5656.87CopperDebut
5524Martin CatterallM4084243494:17:2349.12
6007Keith BrownM5038746254:24:2953.74Copper
8967Sarah MatthewsF3551427605:41:1140.12

19th April 2015

Martin after the Manchester Marathon
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
1534Martin CatterallM84514283:24:4262.46BronzePB
1874Alan GrehanM102417223:29:5159.53CopperPB
2858Ben SuttonM141525063:44:055.8CopperDebut
4366Denise GrehanF351647784:05:2351.86CopperPB

2014 Sunday 6th April

Manchester Marathon Well done to the the four members who complete the Manchester Marathon on Sunday with some excellent performances

NameCategoryTimeAge Grade%
Jude Peck V4003:23:4565.12%
Mark Byrne V4003:23:4665.02%
Martin Catterall SEN03:45:4956.20%
Bryan Forth V4004:59:1843.83%

2013 Sunday 28th April

This years Manchester Marathon was much more enjoyable, with PBs recorded by Russ and Bryan and a fine debut by Martin.

Cat PosNameTime
92Colin Burgess3:19:01
40Russ Platt3:13:45
1475Martin Catterall4:11:57
559Bryan Forth4:54:09
1600Andrew Holland3:51:40??

2012 Sunday 29th April

The return of the race after 10+ years absence, this will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Firstly it was cold (5°C) and wet, secondly was the baggage handling.... Despite all the everone completed it in reasonable times.

Cat Pos Name Time
155 Mark Byrne 3:29:34
170 Colin Burgess 3:30:30
210 Russ PLatt 3:36:22
278 Jim Dawson 3:43:13
879 Bryan Forth 5:13:13