Helsby Half Marathon




Helsby Community Sports Centre. Finishes at Hornsmill Primary School (300m walk back to start).

Course Description

"A scenic road race through rural countryside, passing through the Cheshire villages of Dunham on the Hill, Mouldsworth, Manley and Helsby. Accurately measured (certificate number 11/071, measured 2 January 2012), with 170m of climbing."


"Limited free parking at Helsby Sports & Social Club for those who arrive early, WA6 0DL. Main parking at Helsby High School, WA6 0HY. Free shuttle bus to transport runners the 1.7 miles to the Helsby Community Sports Centre. Please use the official race parking in preference to using other areas of Helsby. Your co-operation is much appreciated, minimising car use and good control of parking is one of the conditions of the extra places we've negotiated this year, please don't jeopardise this. We hope to have parking at Mere's Edge too. The race leaflet (read below) will have final parking arrangements so please read it before race day!"

Race Website

Helsby Running Club

Previous Results

15thJanuary 2017

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
102Perry MooreM4022971:25:4671.61SilverPB
351Russ PlattM50423161:36:5867.77Silver
359Kevin GillibrandM50453231:36:3568.04SilverPB
365Jim HaddockM40683281:37:1963.64Bronze
373Steven NokesM1393341:37:3561.14BronzePB
382Jim DawsonM50483401:38:0868.17Silver
397Keith BrownM55133541:38:4968.93Silver
459Dave AshcroftM55194101:40:3867.69Silver
503Claire RichardsonF21561:42:1663.75BronzeDebut
574Martin CatterallM401055041:44:1258.01Copper
591Simon StockmanM45885171:44:4061.7Bronze
648April WilkinsonF30941:46:0661.88Bronze
675Stephen AndersonM2175741:46:5055.85CopperDebut
723Lyn BridgeF35261131:49:0460.85BronzeDebut
838Roger KnightM451256821:50:3256.97Copper
873Linda StathamF45371651:52:5162.18Bronze
1039Tony SudworthM55628231:56:5659.32Copper
1081Denise GrehanF35422311:58:5755.79Copper
1187Kevin DicksonM451739152:04:2451.05
1195Miranda NeweyF662772:03:4052.78
1204Catherine WakefieldF55142832:04:2765.02BronzePB
1382Jane LightfootF813792:14:1048.6
1487Bryan ForthM459010502:23:1143.62

17th January 2016

Despite snow the night before, 24 members completed the Helsby Half Marathon, with 6 getting PBs, well done all.

After the half marathon.

PosNameCatCat PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
141Perry MooreM40281:27:5071.74SilverDebut
142Jerry CollM40291:28:0870.25Silver
214Steven ThompsonM941:30:4765.24Bronze
314Mark ByrneM45431:34:4568.45Silver
335Will MageeM1461:35:3463.19BronzePB
422Jim HaddockM40721:38:2664.60BronzePB
424Martin CatterallM40731:38:3062.93Bronze
532Steven NokesM1961:42:0359.69CopperPB
548Alan GrehanM2021:42:4158.26Copper
554Dave AshcroftM50651:42:5467.76Bronze
578Will CharlesM2041:43:1057.46Copper
581Andrew HollandM2061:43:1357.48Copper
620April WilkinsonF2161:44:0763.60BronzePB
753Roger KnightM451161:47:4959.92CopperPB
754Steve AndersonM2451:47:5156.36Copper
898Simon StockmanM451271:50:4759.64Copper
1066Denise GrehanF35341:55:1957.92Copper
1091Kevin DicksonM451651:55:5956.16Copper
1162Martin BerryM401761:57:5652.90
1309Tony SudworthM55772:02:5657.66Copper
1418Miranda NeweyF892:08:1151.38
1489Catherine WakefieldF5592:11:4861.45CopperPB
1571Diane WhitfieldF55112:16:5859.90Copper
1597Linda StathamF401102:19:5450.23


The race was canceled in 2015 due to icy conditions on the roads.

19th January 2014

Gill The club had a big turnout on a lovely day for running for this half marathon. At least 8 members produced PBs! and there were a few debuts.

PosNameCatCat Gun PosTimeAge Grade%
100Pete AckerleyM40261:22:3875.08%
106Steven ThompsonMSEN571:23:0571.27%
138Jerry CollMSEN741:24:2972.03%
236Keith BrownM50201:29:0576.64%
263Jim DawsonM50221:30:1474.24%
372Nik AvraamMSEN1491:34:0165.45%
403Mark ByrneM40751:34:5067.33%
552Tarja BarnesF4541:38:1864.70%
519Neil HankinsonMSEN2071:37:3461.72%
593Steve AndersonMSEN2121:39:1560.60%
667Martin CatterallMSEN2241:41:1560.05%
709Chris JacksonMSEN2321:42:3457.89%
715Sarah LewisF40171:42:4459.91%
777Fleur EvansF40211:44:0359.06%
971Vincent StruelensM401661:49:1158.16%
1124Anthony BellM501031:53:0259.46%
1301Louise ShannonFSEN661:58:1150.48%
1434Bryan ForthM402192:03:1650.90%
1464Joanna PlaneFSEN842:04:3847.72%
1536Diane WhitfieldF55252:08:1956.45%
1660Sarah WallsFSEN1202:16:2143.69%


The race was not run in 2013 because of snowy conditions.


Tracy Entwistle1:27:02
Jim Dawson1:27:39
Keith Brown1:29:11
Daniel Green1:30:17
Mark Byrne1:32:02
Russ Platt1:34:58
Chris Hampson1:38:38
Paul Crawley1:39:56
Colin Burgess1:40:16
Martin Catterall1:44:57
David Gallimore1:46:12
Diane Whitfield2:14:43


Mark Jones1:28:14
Jim Dawson1:30:15
Keith Brown1:33:08
Tracy Entwistle1:33:28
David Gallimore1:37:59
Neil Cliffe1:40:18
Chris Hampson1:48:04
Helen Holden1:48:21
Julia Wrigglesworth1:48:25
Martin Catterall1:53:38
Diane Whitfield2:20:41


Mark Jones1:26:02
Andrew Gibbons1:26:43
Keith Brown1:29:50
Lee Sweetman1:32:04
Neil Hankinson1:39:12
Paul Crawley1:47:23
Gill Collen1:52:29
Helen Holden1:53:26
Heather Glover2:06:31
Carol Fell2:27:37


Mark Jones1:25:32
Keith Brown1:33:30
Kevin Dickson1:36:55
David Gallimore1:39:08
Alison Lysons1:59:36
Alison Lysons1:59:36
Judy Heavey2:10:08
Carol Fell2:25:51


David Gallimore1:37:52
Kevin Dickson1:41:37
Fergus Wiseman1:49:57
Gill Collen1:50:04
Julia Wrigglesworth1:50:09
Alison Lysons1:50:09
Diane Whitfield2:05:29
Carol Fell2:20:21


Paul Glover1:26:19
Sean McCann1:32:14
Kevin Dickson1:36:33
Julia Wrigglesworth1:40:17
Alison Lysons1:40:17
David Gallimore1:40:31
John Houghton1:40:55
Heather Glover1:55:26


Keith Brown1:29:06
Neil Cliffe1:29:42
Fergus Wiseman1:29:52
Sean McCann1:36:09
Julia Wrigglesworth1:43:06
Alison Lysons1:43:06
David Gallimore1:47:08
Diane Whitfield2:00:59
Andrea Marshall2:03:28
Judy Heavey2:03:28


Keith Brown1:29:24
Sean McCann1:32:48
Fergus Wiseman1:42:47
Jim Dawson1:42:55
Gill Collen1:43:17
Ian Barwise1:44:57
Diane Whitfield2:02:28
Andrea Marshall2:03:09
Judy Heavey2:04:28